It’s not easy!

The order in which Earth 2 releases various functionalities is a little weird. The devs are either using a random priority algorithm to roll out functionalities or they are trying to create a puzzle no one can crack (till now)!

After the successful release of Jewels, Earth 2 released Bazaar for trading Jewels. Baazar is a Hindi language word that means market. The interesting thing with the bazaar release was the introduction of mandatory KYC (know your customer) to get entry to the bazaar. Which basically meant show me your ID, if you want to enter this market. Maybe releasing…

Party Royale Island is slowly becoming the new Cannes

Picture courtesy: Fortnite

Short Nite, a film festival that screen animated short movies is coming back to Fortnite on July 23rd, 2021, at 2 PM ET! And it’s going to be called.. well yes ‘Short Nite 2’, what else.

Short nite 2 will be featuring a series of animated short films created by very talented creators, just like last year’s event. The total run time of all the films is around 40 minutes

If you are busy during the time, you can catch up on the event before July 25th at 2 PM. …

Medium Lists explained

Screenshot by writer

Medium has launched a new feature, ‘Lists’. This way you would be able to add multiple stories to a relevant list and share it with your readers.

Note: By the time I started writing the article, new functionality ‘Lists’ went off because of some unknown reason. But here are some screenshots and functionalities I could capture in the meantime.

How to Make a Lists:

Lists can be made in two ways:

  1. Create from your user menu:

Click on your username on the top right of the screen and a new link ‘Lists’ will be visible

Giving the power back to people via blockchain

Government comes in all forms; from Monarchy to dictatorship to democracies. Democracies are the only form where common people have some power in government decisions. But when you have a deeper look at democracies, we can see that the top leaders in the ruling party have control over decisions and not the common people.

This article looks at creating a party in lines of DAO which will, in turn, shift the power from leaders to people.

Political landscape:

A political party is the most essential institution for running a democracy. It unifies like-minded people under an umbrella and coordinates candidates to compete…

New features in iOS 15 points to an announcement coming soon

With a billion iPhones using it, any changes to iOS are very impactful. The new iOS 15 is set to release this fall season (Sept-Dec). Due to current beta testing going on we got to get our hands on it, and it felt awesome.

But some of the new features added to FaceTime points towards Apple getting into video conference services.

The major players in the professional video conferencing space are Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Xoom. And currently, they don't have competition from Apple. …

That strange online encounter you had might be an Alien

art by author

We all dreamt of the day we finally get to meet some aliens. That weird-shaped alien reaching out their long fingernails to us. And we slowly extending our hands.

But, the chances of our first interaction happening that way is pretty low, and more chances are that you might end up meeting them online first.

Would there be life on another planet?

An article published in The Astronomical Journal estimates that around 300 million potentially habitable planets are in Milkyway. and Milkyway is just one of more than 200 Billion estimated galaxies present in the universe.

So looking at this staggering number of potentially habitable planets, it's…

Another reason to join the Minecraft bandwagon

Minions x Minecraft DLC — Different Minions


Minions are an adorable bunch of sidekicks, everyone loves them and would like to keep them even though they have been very mischievous. These adorable yellow creatures are now playable in Minecraft.

Illumination has released Minions x Minecraft DLC add-on in Minecraft Marketplace.

It’s not just the Minions that are available. The super-villain (turned hero) Gru, his wife Lucy and their adorable three girls (Margo, Edith, and Agnes) are also available in Minecraft now.

Ifland is targeting Millennial and Z generations

Rooftop bar -Ifland (courtesy Ifland)

SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest wireless carrier announced the launch of a new tolerant metaverse called “Ifland”. Ifland is planning to deliver diverse virtual spaces and avatars via an intuitive UI to all its customers.

“Armed with powerful contents and social features that meet the needs and interests of the MZ Generation, Ifland is set to fully support users’ Metaverse life,” — SKT’s metaverse business head Jeon Jin-soo

Users will be able to use avatars and view a list of metaverse rooms. There will be 18 different types of virtual spaces during release including conference halls, outdoor stages, and rooftops…

Investing in crypto can be highly rewarding financially, but there are 5 things you need to ensure before jumping in.

Image created by the author

Cryptocurrency isn’t just a regular investment option. In many ways, it represents a different world altogether compared to traditional stocks and bonds.

Learning the basics takes time, even if you are a seasoned traditional investor. You need to learn unfamiliar acronyms (like HODL, FUD, FOMO), understand a little bit of blockchain and related emerging technologies, and keep up with memes and tweets (from Elon Musk).

The cryptocurrency market is primarily driven by speculation. Coin prices can fluctuate even 50% without any fundamental changes to the coin. Getting into such a volatile market unprepared is not advisable.

Below are some recommended…

Earth2 — Phase 2 has officially started

The wait for phase 2 ended up being very boring. Promises were made, broken, repromised, people started shouting scam, and then one fine day Earth2 started giving everyone Jewels! And out of nowhere phase 2 has started! Exciting!!

So, what’s a Jewel?

Jewels are by simple definition, resource boosters in Earth2. Let’s say your property can produce 100 kg of wood in a month, you add a ‘Small Spawned Brown Crystal’ a.k.a. the Brown gem and suddenly your wood production will increase to… wait for it.. 100.5Kg of wood!! Yes, not joking! that’s exactly what you get because the gems that are being…


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