Seems like Google and Apple policies forced Opensea to remove it

Opensea App — Google play store screenshot

Control what you see on your Medium homepage

Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash

The problem Medium readers face

People come…

Metaverse concerts are a different experience

The right step towards being a responsible technology company

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A simple guide on Mentars — The new structure released in

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What are Mentars?

Before we get into what's a mentar, you need to understand a bit about Earth2 terrain. Unlike…

Yes, it's free.. but you have to wait for 14days

Steps to follow for free Mentars:

  1. Login to your Earth2 account.

It’s not easy!

Party Royale Island is slowly becoming the new Cannes

Picture courtesy: Fortnite

Medium Lists explained

Screenshot by writer


Product Manager by Day, Gamer by Night. Writes about Technology, NFT, blockchain and various Metaverses.

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